Best Boxing Gloves: Reviews Of Our 5 Favorite Pairs

    Boxing is a great way to exercise. It uses the whole body and requires a great deal of upper and lower body strength, as well as good cardio conditioning. Boxing gloves are an essential piece of safety equipment for the sport. Getting gloves doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting in a ring and duking it out with an opponent. They are also necessary for working a heavy bag, and other boxing exercises.

    The Top Ten

    PictureNameOur RatingPrice
    TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves4.8$$$$
    Venum Elite Boxing Gloves4.8$$$$
    Hayabusa Tokushu Gloves4.5$$$$
    Meister Pro Boxing Gloves w/ Wrist Support4.8$$
    TITLE Boxing Pro Style Leather Training Gloves4.6$$
    Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves4.4$$$
    Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves4.2$$
    Everlast Women's Pro Style Training Gloves4.4$
    Century Classic Bag Glove with Diamond Tech4.3$$
    TITLE Classic Hook-and-Loop Leather Training Gloves4.6$$
    PictureNameOur RatingPrice

    These are the top ten rated boxing gloves. Amazon users from around the world have selected them. They are the most durable, and the safest available.

    Benefits Of The Right Boxing Glove

    Some traditions of martial arts such as karate, some styles of Chinese martial arts, and Muay Thai all recommend training without using gloves. The rational is often using gloves cannot prepare you for a real fight, and that your hands will be unable to take the abuse without training them beforehand. The reality is that consistent training without gloves, as with any training done without proper safety equipment, can lead to injury and long-term damage. You’re not just scuffing up your knuckles when working without gloves. Arthritis will probably be in your future if you train without proper gloves, as well as weakened joints and muscles.

    Using boxing gloves, on the other hand, can keep you healthy while still getting the workout you want. The added cushion protecting you will still allowing you to make the most of resistance provided by a punching bag. Your hands will get stronger, and your bones denser, all while preventing injury.

    Boxing gloves can also help you maintain good form. The gloves should be comfortable, and not force your hands into an uncomfortable shape. At the same time, they prevent rookie mistakes like putting your thumb inside your fist, and other, subtler errors. The thick wrists of the gloves will also help keep your wrists straight, preventing injuries to your hands and wrists.

    What Makes A Good Pair of Boxing Gloves?

    Boxing gloves should be comfortable and provide a decent amount of padding. It is important to get gloves that are the right size and shape for your hands, and that don’t prevent you from keeping good form in punching. That might seem obvious. There are some other things about gloves that can make life easier that might be less obvious.

    Gloves can be fastened with either laces or a hook and loop set up. Laces are a classic design, and gloves that use them can often be tightened further, and fit more comfortably. However, laces can be difficult to manage on your own, and will usually need another person to get them good and tight. The hook and loop fasteners, on the other hand, consist of a loop that can be pulled tight around the wrist, and then hooked to keep in place. These are easier to manage. Though, the hooks can sometimes rip the underlying hand wraps that are necessary when using boxing gloves.

    You’ll also want gloves that are durable, and paying a little more upfront for a decent pair is probably a good idea. They are going to get treated roughly and need to be tough enough to withstand it. Like a heavy bag, leather is a great, durable, classic material. Synthetic leather can be cheaper while being as durable. Cheaper nylon should probably be avoided, even more so than when selecting a heavy bag. A bag that’s falling apart is a pain, gloves that fall apart will result in injury.

    The Different Types of Boxing Gloves

    There are a several different types of gloves, and it’s important to understand what you’re looking at before you buy a pair. Each type is meant for a specific purpose.

    • Bag Gloves. These are the first gloves an aspiring boxer, or anyone wanting to workout with a heavy bag, should buy. They have heavier padding and are designed to allow a good workout on the heavy bag without hurting yourself. Gloves of this type should not be used for sparring, as their extra padding can make them heavier, and can hurt your opponent. Another type of training glove is essentially thin padding meant to protect your knuckles without providing a lot of padding. Consult your trainer about using them. In any case, working up to using these gloves is probably a good idea.
    • Sparring Gloves. These gloves are meant for sparring and fighting. They are lighter, have less padding than bag gloves and are usually softer.
    • Training Gloves. These gloves are usually marketed as being good for either bag work or sparring. Usually, they are mediocre at both while excelling at neither. If possible, get a pair for using with a bag, and a different pair for sparring.
    • Pro Gloves. Gloves meant for real fighting. They are smaller, and lighter, and should probably not be used by most boxers.

    Boxing Glove Prices

    Boxing gloves come in a wide range of prices. Some can be as inexpensive as $10. However, these cheaper gloves are more like toys than gloves meant for serious training. Using them for sparring or heavy bag work is probably a bad idea.

    Gloves that are meant for actual training are probably going to cost $50 or more. The most expensive gloves can cost over $100. They are usually of higher quality. However, a decent pair of leather gloves can usually be had for less.

    What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

    Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

    Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

    Everlast is an iconic name in boxing. While these gloves do not live up to the Everlast reputation, they are a decent pair of entry-level gloves. Training gloves are meant to be used both as bag gloves and as sparring gloves. These are better bag gloves than sparring gloves. There is enough padding in the knuckles that they would offer good protection when working with a heavy bag, but might be too much for sparring. The gloves also have stiff padding in the wrists to keep them straight, and maintain good form. The gloves use Everlast’s thumb lock system to keep the wearer’s thumb in the proper position as well.

    These gloves can either come with laces or the more modern hook and loop system for fastening. They are vinyl, and not as durable as gloves made with other materials.

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    Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves

    These gloves are made of a synthetic leather. They have thick padding and are training gloves that are intended for use either with a bag or in the sparring ring. The gloves are fastened with Velcro around the wrist, and the wristbands include elastic for a better fit. Wearer’s with large hands might find them a bit tight. The manufacturer’s logo is printed right across the fist, and might look a little cheap.

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    Hayabusa Tokushu Gloves

    These gloves are made of proprietary synthetic leather. The lining is made of a bamboo-based fabric and is intended to keep your hand from overheating, as well as having a deodorizing effect. The closure system is designed by the manufacturer to ensure that the wearer’s wrists remain straight and keep good form. These are a pricey pair of gloves. Depending on the weight and color, the gloves can be between $100 and $150. But, they are a higher quality to match their higher price.

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    TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves

    These bag gloves have a gel lining that is meant to conform specifically to each user’s hand. They are leather gloves and are very durable. The multi-layered padding makes the gloves comfortable to use. The strap system is designed to fit tightly while keeping the wrist straight and with proper form. They might run a little larger than other gloves, but with wraps they usually fit fine.

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    TITLE Classic Hook-and-Loop Leather Training Gloves

    This is a leather bag glove, with heavy inner padding to keep your hand safe. The lining is straightforward lining. It uses the more modern hook and loop closure, hiding the loop and hook under a leather cover on the inside of the hand. The outsides of the gloves are long lasting while the inner lining might not last as long. However, these are decent gloves for the price.

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