Best Punching Reviews: The Top Training Gear To Buy

    It’s an iconic sight in movies, a young boxer getting ready for his big fight by hitting that heavy red bag. If you think about it, though, you may wonder what the benefit of working a punching bag might be, and if it’s something you should be including in your own workout. While they are most useful to boxers and other martial artists, hitting a punching bag can be a great workout for anyone.

    The Top Ten

    PictureNameOur RatingPrice
    Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit4.3$$
    Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag4.4$$$$$+
    Century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag4.5$$$$$+
    Everlast 4004 Traditional Heavy Bag4.5$$
    Century The Original Wavemaster Freestanding Training Bag4.3$$$
    Muay Thai Heavy Punching Bag Red5.0$$$$
    Boxing MMA 100lbs Heavy Bag Filled4.9$$$
    Everlast Black Powercore Nevatear Heavy Bag4.2$
    Muay Thai Punching Bag 6ft 150lbs Unfilled Black4.7$$
    Everlast 70-Pound MMA Poly Canvas Heavy Bag4.7$$
    PictureNameOur RatingPrice

    These are the best punching bags, in terms of durability and value for the money. Select one of these when looking for a bag of your own, and you’ll be sure to get a quality, top rated piece of equipment.

    Benefits of the Right Punching Bag

    A punching bag is intended, essentially, as a target. It is used to develop in proper punching and kicking in boxing and other martial arts. Hitting or kicking a heavy bag over the long period of time martial training requires will also have the effect of toughening the hands, and adding bone density to the hands and arms.

    There are a number of other ways that using a punching bag can also be helpful. It can be an aid to strength training. Resistance, in whatever form, is the key to strength training. Adding weight, or using resistance bands, puts more pressure on muscles to perform, prompting them to grow and form more mass. Hitting a bag creates resistance of another type, in a couple of different ways. Punching or kicking a heavy bag requires force, which adds resistance. Using proper form to prevent injury also puts stress on muscles in a different way.

    Using a punching bag and doing boxing for fitness also provides a good cardio workout. It is surprising how hard it is to hit a bag for anything length of time, and how much it can raise your heart rate. Again, using correct form can intensify the workout. Other aspects of using the heavy punching bag, such as adding footwork or combinations, can also make it more cardio intensive.

    Common Problems of Bad Punching Bags

    There are a number of potential problems when it comes to using punching bags.

    • This is the first and most important problem to overcome when deciding whether to incorporate a punching bag into a workout routine. There are a number of ways for someone to injure themselves when hitting a punching bag. The first and most important thing to keep in mind to prevent injury is proper technique. Whether you are a boxer or practice some other martial art or simply are using the bag for exercise, there is a proper way to use it that will keep you healthy. Wrapping your hands is also a requirement, as is stretching, and sufficient rest times between bouts.
    • It is important to mount your punching bag somewhere with enough room for you to use it safely and comfortably. The bag may swing slightly. Punching and kicking require a certain amount of space, and if you plan to incorporate footwork into your heavy bag routine, that should be taken into account as well. The other aspect to be aware of when mounting a heavy bag is that you will essentially be spending all your time with it punching and kicking the thing. If it is not solidly mounted, It can quickly come loose, perhaps causing damage in the process. Even if it is mounted solidly, it may shake a house, or cause a great deal of noise.

    What Makes A Good Punching Bag?

    What qualifies as a ‘good’ bag is going to depend on the user? There are a variety of options when it comes to punching bags that will impact the workout, and the results you will get.

    The weight is the most obvious variable. The higher the weight, the greater the resistance felt when punching or kicking. 70lbs. and 100lbs. are both common weights. For someone who is just starting to use a punching bag, a 70lbs bag is probably plenty. If you’re already in decent shape or have some experience using a bag, you might consider getting the heavier 100lbs bag.

    Another choice is what the bag is filled with. Different fillings will react differently to being punched, and can impact your training. Some bags have what is called solid fill, which is usually a fiberfill surrounded by a liner. The solid fill bags are going to be harder on your hands, and it might be better to use them for shorter workouts, or after working up to it. A softer fill might be something like foam or wood pellets, and will be much easier on your hands and joints. However, it will also absorb some of the impact from the punch, and so the resistance felt might not be as great. Other soft fills might be rags or even beans. When buying a bag online, it is important to know whether it will come with fill. Most often, a bag will be shipped empty and then the buyer will have to fill it.

    Water filled bags are a separate type from both solid and soft fill bags. They have a lot of give like a soft fill bag. However, the water fill bag is less likely to deform under impact, like a hard fill bag, which can mean a bigger impact on hands and joints.

    The covering of the bags is also important. Vinyl is cheap and popular, but will probably not last very long. Canvas and leather are two other common coverings, both of which will last longer than vinyl. A good leather bag, in particular, while probably the most expensive option will last a lifetime.

    Punching Bag Prices

    A punching bag might be as cheap as $50. These will often be cheap, vinyl bags that will have a short lifespan. If you’re not sure whether a punching bag is something you want to use, this can be an inexpensive way to try one out before upgrading to a higher quality.

    More expensive bags are going to be $100 and up, with the top quality being around $200 to $250.

    What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

    Century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag

    This is technically a heavy bag, but it is shaped like a human torso and head. This makes it less suitable for basic heavy bag work, and better for martial arts training and learning where and how to land blows on a human target. The surface of the dummy is a soft, flexible, polymer that is very durable. The core is urethane foam and is solid, which means this bag can be hard on the hands and joints. The head is particularly hard.

    The base can be filled with water or sand. The target is attached to the base by a set of screws that can come loose after several workouts. Use of some Loctite or lock washers will solve this issue.

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    Everlast 4004 Traditional Heavy Bag

    Everlast is an iconic name in boxing and martial arts equipment. This bag is made of a proprietary nylon covering that Everlast says is similar to leather both in feel and durability. Its price is about half what a true leather heavy bag might cost.

    This bag comes filled and ready to hang, without any need for additional stuffing. It is about 40lbs. and under heavy use it can move around quite a bit, which makes it less suitable for strength training. However, it might work better for cardio workouts than a heavier bag. It is also a solid fill, and so requires wraps and gloves to use safely.

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    Muay Thai Punching Bag

    This bag is made of vinyl material and comes unfilled. This means that purchasers will need to fill it themselves, but also means that the fill can be chosen by the user and changed if necessary. It is 6 ft long, and so can be used for kicks and other lower body strikes as well as punching. It comes with several heavy chains in order to mount the bag. The bag also has a D-ring at the bottom so it can be secured on the lower end as well.

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    Century The Original Wavemaster Freestanding Training Bag

    This bag is mounted on a base that has to be filled with either sand or water. The bag can be set at different heights, from a little over 3 feet high to 5 and a half feet tall. If you’re a bigger person, upgrading to a larger size might be wise.

    The bag will move slightly when struck though when filled the base weighs around 250 lbs.

    This bag is foam, which means that it is similar to a soft filled bag, but that it will rebound better. This foam is secured to a central pole, and it is possible that the foam can separate from this pole after heavy use.

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    Everlast Black Powercore Nevatear Heavy Bag

    This bag is made of the same synthetic leather, Nevatear, as the more expensive 4004 traditional heavy bag. This is a heavier; 80 or 100 lbs. bag though and is shipped already filled. Many users have said that the filling needs to be repacked, as it can shift in shipping, and end up with too much weight in one spot. This can lead to injury, or at best a substandard workout.

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