Best Trampoline Brands & Models: Reviews Of All Our Favorites

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    You might have had a trampoline when you were younger, one of the small ones that were barely large enough for one person to use, or perhaps you were lucky enough to have access to a really big one. These days they have fallen out of fashion, the perception being they are too dangerous for kids to use and not worth an adult’s time. However, trampolines, when used correctly, can be a great training device. They can assist in a number of different exercises, and make exercising a little more fun as well.

    The Top Ten

    PictureNameOur RatingPrice
    Stamina InTone Oval Jogger4.2$
    JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 2504.8$$$$
    Stamina 36 inch Folding Trampoline4.1$
    Stamina InTone Plus 38 in. Rebounder4.0$
    JumpSport 40" Fitness Trampoline Model 2204.7$$$
    The Urban Rebounder4.0$$$
    JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 350 PRO4.8$$$$$
    Crescendo Fitness Mini Jump Trampoline4.1$
    JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 550F PRO4.9$$$$$+
    JumpSport Exercise Handle Bar for Fitness Trampolines4.6$
    PictureNameOur RatingPrice

    It might be hard to know what exactly to look for when getting a trampoline to use for exercising. These ten products have been ranked as having the highest quality, and can give a prospective buyer a good idea of what is available.

    Advantages of a Good Trampoline

    Jogging is a great exercise, and one that is increasing popular. It’s a good cardiovascular exercise that works the whole body and burns lots of calories. Bouncing on a trampoline, however, does all these things, and does them better than jogging. It also has several other advantages over jogging and running.

    Jogging puts a large strain on your body. The force that is transmitted from the ground and up through your joints can be twice your total bodyweight. This tires joints, and can also lead to other problems like back pain. The bounciness that is the trademark of a trampoline also takes most of the force out of things like jogging in place. It also allows you to exercise longer, as the reduced stress means you don’t tire as quickly. And, of course, jumping on a trampoline is just a lot more fun.

    A much greater variety of exercises are also possible on a trampoline. Squats, leg raises, jumping jacks can all be modified to be done on a trampoline. The uneven and shifting surface of the trampoline means that balance becomes a big part of the exercise, which engages the core muscles and makes the exercise more challenging.

    The Different Types of Trampoline

    There are a few different types of trampoline. All can be used for exercising, but most people are only going to have access to one or two types.

    • Rebounder Trampoline. This is the most basic type of trampoline. It’s round, usually around three feet in diameter, and meant for use by one person at a time. It is the type most often used for home workouts, and can be easily stored in a closet, or even under the bed.
    • Big Backyard Trampoline. These are the bigger models meant for fun and recreation. They are usually surrounded by netting for safety, and can be upwards in ten feet in diameter. While these are a lot of fun to mess around on, these can be used for a much wider range of exercises.
    • Professional Trampolines. Trampolines are becoming a bigger part of exercise programs for athletes of various sorts. They are also used in some types of rehabilitation, particularly for injuries to the lower body. These can have any number of specialized designs for different uses.

    While there are trampoline clubs in most cities in the US, and many gyms are adding trampolines to their equipment, getting one for your home can be a great investment.

    Common Problems With Trampolines

    Trampolines should be used with a great deal of caution. There is a serious potential for injury when using a trampoline for workouts, and users who do not use a trampoline correctly risk breaking bones or concussion. Thousands of people are injured when using trampolines every year, and the American Association of Pediatricians actually advises against having one in a home with children.

    The danger is obvious. You’re jumping up and down, and a bad landing can tumble you off the trampoline, or lead to hitting your head. There are potentially gaps in the trampoline where a foot or hand could get stuck.

    Proper used reduces the danger of use greatly. Only one person should use a trampoline at any time, even a large one. If a child is using a trampoline, there should also be adult supervision. And always make sure there is adequate room around and above the trampoline.

    The other thing that can help improve safety is keeping your trampoline well maintained.  The most common problem is a ripped or torn cover. These should be replaced immediately, to prevent fingers or toes from getting caught.

    Springs also need to be replaced on occasion. A bent or stretched spring can lead to flat spots on the trampoline, which can make using it dangerous, and in any case reduces its bounce.

    Maintaining your trampoline, and using a little common sense when it comes to exercising with it, can keep you injury free and allow you to get the best workout possible.

    Trampoline Prices

    Trampolines come in any number of sizes, a couple different shapes, and a wide range of prices. A truly basic rebounder type, one about three feet in diameter, can cost as little as 30 dollars. The rebounder type tends to be pretty simple and straightforward, and, therefore, less expensive. However, there are a number of additions that can add to the cost. Those made particularly for exercising can include resistance bands and handlebars, and can be more expensive. Rebounder trampolines made for kids can be smaller, and are generally not built with an adult’s weight in mind, and so while they can be less expensive, they are probably not the best for exercising.

    Big outdoor recreational trampolines are going to cost a couple of hundred dollars. The price is going to be primarily dependent on size. Nets around the trampoline, meant to keep people from flying off into the bushes, are pretty much standard on these bigger trampolines.

    What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

    JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250

    The JumpSport has a steel frame, and six legs to keep it stable during use. It uses bungee cords instead of the more traditional springs for the bounce. This makes it quieter than a version with springs. However, the cords don’t last as long as springs. They are only under warranty for 2 years, and replacing them can be costly. Otherwise, it is a good trampoline, solid and safe to use.

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    Stamina InTone Plus 38 inch Rebounder

    This trampoline is designed for the fitness enthusiast. It comes with to resistance bands with attached padded handles to add an upper body workout to your trampoline routine. It also comes with an exercise monitor, which tracks jumps per minute, workout time, total jumps, and calories burned. Some people have reported the monitor does not work properly. It is easy to assemble, and as one of the less expensive trampolines it is a good value.

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    JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 350

    This trampoline is very similar to the 250 model. It has a slightly wider diameter, and the cords that are used are rated for twice as long as those that come with the 250. It’s easy to assemble and is small and light enough to move and put away in an out of the way spot. This model also comes with a workout DVD.\

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    The Urban Rebounder

    This is one of the larger rebounders, with a diameter of 40 inches. It has eight legs for stability. This unit also folds up, though the manufacturer recommends that two people work together to do so. It also comes with a stabilization or handlebar to keep exercises like jogging in place to be done with more safety. This unit uses springs, and can be loud when the user is jumping on it. It comes with DVDs that show suggested workouts though some require extra equipment.

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    Stamina InTone Oval Jogger

    This unit comes with a padded handlebar, two elastic resistance bands with handles, and an electronic monitor to keep track of your workout. It is also oval in shape, rather than round, as it is intended to be used with the handlebar. The shape is also supposed to be safer while allowing a greater range of exercises. Some users have complained that the counter does not work very well. And occasionally, the springs that come with it do not provide sufficient resistance to give the trampoline a good bounce. It’s fairly easy to put together, and while it folds up, that can be a project, requiring two people.

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