Best Weight Vest Reviews: The Top Training Gear To Wear

    Weight Vest

    A weighted vest can make even a simple exercise a challenge. With the right vest, you can add some resistance to any workout while maintaining stability and comfort. A weight vest can also boost your metabolism, which will increase the rate at which you lose weight. There can be problems that arise out of improper, or overuse of a weight vest. However, a weighted vest can be a great tool to improve an already comprehensive workout.

    The Top Ten

    PictureNameOur RatingPrice
    ZFOsports 40 lbs Adjustable Weighted Vest4.4$$
    CROSS101 40lbs Adjustable Weighted Vest4.5$
    ZFOsports 60lbs Adjustable Weighted Vest4.2$$
    Pure Fitness Weighted Vest4.5$
    ZFOsports 20lbs Adjustable Weighted Vest4.4$
    MIR 50 lbs Adjustable Weighted Vest4.5$$$
    SKLZ Variable Weight Training Vest4.4$$
    Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO 10lbs Adjustable Weighted Vest4.5$$$$
    MIR 30lbs Women's Adjustable Weighted Vest4.6$$$
    TITIN Force Shirt4.3$$$$$
    PictureNameOur RatingPrice

    These vests have a range of prices, but in each case they have been rated as one of the best. IN terms of comfort, flexibility, and safety, these are great choices.

    Weight Vest Basics

    A weight vest is exactly what it sounds like. The weight is distributed across your torso in a vest. The weight might be sewn into the fabric, so it cannot be changed. Frequently, it takes the form of plates, ball bearings, or gel that can be taken out or moved, to reduce or redistribute weight. A weight of twenty pounds is common for a vest, or for more serious fitness enthusiasts a fifty-pound vest is also common. A complaint that new users often have is that a pocket is placed in a bad position, or that a vest itself is uncomfortable. Keep in mind when choosing a vest that you’ll be wearing this while walking or exercising. Comfort when wearing, and particularly when moving, is going to be a major factor when using the vest.

    Another important consideration when using a weight vest is your present fitness level. A weight vest is intended to add resistance to any workout. If you’re already having trouble completing a routine, then waiting until your condition has improved might be a wiser course. The weight a vest puts on your body will stress your body, particularly your shoulders and back. If you are in poor physical condition, the potential for injury is greater. By the same token, people with injuries to their shoulders or backs should probably not use a weight vest.

    Advantages of a Good Weight Vest

    The benefits of working out with a weight vest can often outweigh the risks, however. Working out with a weight vest can have a positive impact, in a number of ways, on your fitness routine and your health.

    • Strength and Endurance. This benefit is fairly straightforward. The vest adds resistance to your workout. As a result, you will grow stronger, and increase your endurance by using a weight vest.
    • Variability of Exercise. Plateaus in fitness are a common problem. When you work hard and have been seeing results, a sudden leveling off of improvement can be very discouraging. The cause of these plateaus is often that your body becomes accustomed to your workout. When this happens, changes become more gradual. Adding a weight vest can add enough variation that you’ll begin to see differences, without even changing your routine.
    • Cardiovascular Health. Similar to the increase in strength and endurance, running or other cardiovascular exercises can have a greater impact when using a weight vest. Hauling around the extra weight makes your body work harder, and as, therefore, improves faster.
    • Bone Density. The vest will put a greater strain on your bones as well as your muscles. Regular use will force your bones to grow denser to handle the extra load.

    The Different Types of Weighted Vest

    Weighted vests come in a number of different types, and can be divided by several different traits. It can be bewildering if you’re not familiar with using weighted vests to exercise, to sort out what exactly is right for you. A rough guide to the basic types is helpful when selecting the product for you.

    • Fixed vs. Removable Weight. Vests can have a fixed weight that cannot be changed. The weights are sewn directly into the material of the vest. This is great if you have a good idea of the weight you’re capable of working with, and if your exercise is more vigorous or includes motions in multiple directions. The weight is less likely to shift and cause problems with these vests. Other vests have weights that can be removed and the total weight can be changed. These are better if you feel like you might want to start at a lower weight and work your way up. These vests also tend to work better when running or other basic exercises that are less likely to have the weights shift on you.
    • Male vs. Female Vests. Weighted vests are often marketed as either male vests or female vests. Male vests tend to have heavier weights, and can be tightened to a greater degree so that they are less likely to shift. They are designed for use with workouts focused on muscle building and toning. Women’s vests tend to have lighter weights and have weights that are fixed. They also tend to be v-shaped, and closer fitting at the waist.

    Weighted vests usually come in two shapes. Either they cover the entire torso, and can be belted around the waist or they are designed to be worn on the upper chest. Different shapes can focus your workout on different parts of your body. A vest that is primarily worn on the upper torso is going to work the pectorals and back more, for example, or the abs depending on the exercise.

    Weighted Vest Prices

    Like almost all exercise equipment, weighted vests come in a wide variety of qualities and with any number of features. There is a corresponding variety in prices. A basic vest may cost as little as $30. These will usually have a lower weight, and will often be of a fixed weight. As the weight increases, the price will also usually increase.

    A mid-range vest will be between $70 and $100, usually. There is a wide selection of vests around this price, with different options as to fixed vs. removable weight, shape, and type of vest.

    The higher end vests can commonly cost over $200. These will usually be the most comfortable, and easiest to use.

    What Do Our Reviews Have To Say? 

    TITIN Force Shirt

    This is a high-end weight shirt. It comes in three parts: an outer compression shirt, an inner weight pocket shirt, and the weight gel inserts. The outer compression shirt also wicks sweat away from the body and serves to hold the weights in place. The shirt is comfortable to wear, and the compression has several benefits. The gel packs are arranged so as to provide a good workout while not putting a strain on joints. Though the total weight is only 8 pounds, the shirt is designed to make it seem like the weight is much higher.

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    ZFOsports Comfortable Exercise Adjustable Weighted Vest

    This is a 20 lbs. vest, with an adjustable weight system that can be changed in 3.4 lbs. weight increments. It is designed with a wrap around belt to hold the vest tight to your torso and prevent the weight from shifting. The vest is rather large, and it can interfere with certain workouts, particularly anything where the arms must be lifted above the head. For use while running and walking, however, it works well.

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    SKLZ Weighted Vest

    The SKLZ vest is designed to sit high on the chest, over the pectorals. This allows it to be used for intensifying some exercises more comfortably, such as sit-ups or side bends. The vest comes with 10 lbs. total weight, in half-pound increments, so that the weight can be adjusted to the particular user or exercise. The pockets in which the weights are put are stretchable, which is meant to make the addition and removal of weights easier, as this is something that can be time-consuming with other vests. It is made of a nylon mesh for increased breathability. The weight’s position high on the chest can make breathing difficult. It can also be difficult, in terms of range of motion, to do arm-based exercises

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    MIR Women’s Adjustable Weighted Vest

    This vest includes 30 lbs. of weight that can be adjusted in 3 lbs. increments. The vest is designed specifically to be comfortable for women, and to allow a full range of motion in a variety of exercises. The vest itself is adjustable to fit a variety of body types. The manufacturer claims it can fit users from 5 feet tall to 7 feet tall. The weight is distributed evenly and comfortably.

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    Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO Weighted Vest

    The Hyperwear vest comes with 10 pounds of weight. However, there is room on the vest to add a greater amount of weight if the user wants. It is an expensive product, however, that extra cost gets a professional grade vest made from sweat-wicking, odor resistant materials. It laces up the side to allow for the comfortable position of the weights. The vest also is constructed so that the placement of the weights does not impede breathing. Some users have said that the weights can, on occasion, tear through the pockets meant to hold them during vigorous workouts. The manufacturer does have a warranty for the vest that will allow for a refund or replacement, however.

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