Review: Body Champ IT 8070 Inversion Therapy Table

    Review: Body Champ IT 8070 Inversion Therapy Table David Shaw

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    Inversion tables are used primarily for back problems. The user hangs upside down, which takes pressure off the muscles and vertebrae that are normally supporting their weight. It also stretches muscles in the back and core. An inversion table can be used for a variety of exercises as well. Certain stretches are more effective if done on an inversion table. There is also a whole range of exercises that can be done on an inversion table. These exercises are made more difficult, as the inverted posture means a much larger part of your weight is resisting the motion of the exercise than usual. A fully inverted sit-up, for example, is a major accomplishment.

    Some inversion tables are best for simply hanging in order to lengthen the spine, and perhaps a few simple stretches. Other, sturdier tables are able to support a wider range of workouts. The Body Champ IT 8070 is a good choice if you want amp up your workout with some inversion.

    This is a mid-range inversion table and has some of the standard refinements for this machine. The construction is of steel, with foam pads for the table and the ankle braces. The ankle braces are adjustable with a spring-loaded pin, to make the adjustments easier. The table can be fully inverted, or inverted to any angle. This is controlled by a safety strap which attaches to a cross bar and the bottom of the table. This is an advantage over other tables that only allow specific angles of inversion. Some users have reported that this strap can snap under heavy or moderate use, which means that the user would suddenly find themselves fully inverted. The strap should be inspected before every use. Replacing it with a heavier duty strap is easy and might provide some piece of mind.

    This is not the easiest table to assemble, and will probably require some help to get it all together. A socket wrench set will make the process easier. As with any piece of exercise equipment, make sure everything is tight and balanced before use. This is particularly important when using an inversion table.

    Many exercise equipment manufacturers claim their products fold for easy storage while the reality is that even folded they are bulky and heavy. The Body Champ is no different. At 47 pounds, it is lighter than many other products, but it is still large and difficult to manage.

    This is a decent inversion table. With a little care and some caution, it can be used safely for inversion therapy or a variety of exercises.

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