Review: Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table

    Review: Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table David Shaw

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    All inversion tables work on pretty much the same principles. There is a table where the use lies, and a brace or strap for the ankles. The table rotates so the user is head down, hanging by their feet. Most tables have the user hanging at some angle, rather than being totally inverted, and there is some method for securing the table at that angle.

    Inversion therapy consists simply of hanging upside down, relieving pressure on the spine and elongating it to gain some temporary relief from back pain. Inversion therapy is not a permanent solution, but it can be helpful as part of an overall treatment plan.

    Some inversion therapy plans include stretches and exercises to improve core strength. Exercising while inverted can also be a great way to supercharge your workout, though it should be done slowly and with caution. The Body Max is best suited for light stretching and simple inversion, and less suitable for a working out.

    The bed is a nylon mesh stretched over a metal frame. This is not the most comfortable option, and some users may find that the frame is in an odd or painful position when inverted. Also, there have been some complaints that the ankle braces are not as well padded, and not as comfortable as they could be. As this table is on the lower of the price scale for this sort of equipment, it makes sense that there are some sacrifices when it comes to quality. Some parts, including a critical pin, are also made of plastic and can fail if put to heavy use.

    A strap sets the angle at which the table stops, and there is also a lock, which will keep the table secure when the table is not in use.

    The unit is straightforward to put together. It also folds for storage, though like any piece of exercise equipment there is a limit to how small it will get. It is seven feet along its long axis, which means it can be difficult to fit under a bed or similar storage place. It is around 50 pounds, which is not that heavy for a piece of exercise equipment. However, if you have back problems, it might be difficult to move.

    This is a simple piece of equipment that is great for inversion therapy, including stretches and simple exercises. It can have some faults, but overall it is good value for the price.

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