Review: Bowflex PR 1000

    Review: Bowflex PR 1000 David Shaw

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    The PR1000 is the base model for the Bowflex systems that use their characteristic ‘Power Rod’ resistance system. The specs say the machine offers a resistance range of between five pounds and 210 pounds, however, the rod system does not provide consistent resistance. The resistance will be less at the beginning of the pull, and increase as the pull is extended. The ‘210 pounds of resistance’ is not quite the same as 210 pounds on an actual bench press, as an example.  There is no inertia, as there is no actual weight, and it requires a somewhat different approach to get the same workout. Slowing down and focusing on isolating specific muscles groups will mean you get the most out of the machine. Going too fast, and not using the machine correctly, will result in a somewhat disappointing workout. The cord and pulley system does allow the resistance to be used in a number of different exercises. It can be used for either lat pull or bench press exercises. The seat also includes a rowing machine rail. The exercises are focused on strength and muscle building, and the PR 1000 is able to provide all the exercises that might require a number of different machines otherwise. It can be difficult to get a full range of motion in some exercises, however.

    The machine needs a fair amount of room, needing a space eight by six and a half feet. It is also weighs 150, so make sure you have space for it, as it is not going anywhere. The machine does fold up to a limited extent. It is straightforward to set up and comes with everything necessary to put together. It should be noted that the PR 1000 cannot be upgraded with additional Power Rods.

    The manual that comes with the machine has pictures and descriptions of 24 different exercises. There are a number of other possible exercises that are also possible and are described elsewhere.

    Overall, this is a good machine, that will last many years. It takes the place of many machines you might find in a gym and allows you to do all those exercises at home. The rod resistance system is quite a bit different than a weight resistance system and has to be used in the correct way to get the most out of the machine. Keeping that in mind, it is a great choice for a home gym.

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