Review: Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

    Review: Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine David Shaw

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    Although name-brand rowing machines often come with a premium price tag, they also offer a premium user experience. Instead of worrying about whether or not your rowing machine will break down, this equipment keeps giving you a valuable workout day after day whenever you want it. The Concept2 Model D indoor rowing machine might be an investment, but it will also provide you with an intense full-body workout that is low-impact in nature.

    Are you ready to begin losing some of that extra weight you’ve been carrying around for awhile? Do you need a cardiovascular workout that isn’t going to be hard on your knees? Then here are the features and advantages of the Concept2 Model 2 to consider today.

    The Features of the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine 

    Having a good workout using a rowing machine means that you must establish a solid rhythm to each stroke. Instead of trying to time that through the sound of the equipment or through the use of music, the included Performance Monitor 5 allows the Concept2 Model D to provide you with real-time data that can improve your workout. You receive accurate data with every stroke, letting you know if you’re meeting fitness goals.

    You’re also going to be able to take advantage of these additional features if you decide to invest into the Concept2 Model D indoor rowing machine today.

    • The flywheel on this rowing machine is designed to minimize the amount of noise that is generated, removing one of the most common distractions that interrupt a workout of this type.
    • The footrests are adjustable so they will work for a majority of users, even with the 14-inch seat height and the ergonomic handles being used.
    • The Concept2 Model D quickly separates into two individual pieces, minimizing the storage problems that other rowing machines cause their owners.

    This is a solid machine with solid features that will let anyone get closer to their fitness goals, no matter what they might be. It also provides unique advantages that can only be found with this particular model.

    The Advantages of the Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine 

    If you look at the weight ratings of most rowing machines, you’ll find that many can only support 250 pounds of body weight. That might work for some folks, but rowing can also help people to quickly lose weight in a healthy way thanks to its whole body workout. This particular unit supports up to 500 pounds, so it is suitable for just about everyone. Caster wheels help to give this unit even more portability and ease of use.

    The one item of difficulty we found with this exercise equipment was that it takes up a lot of space when fully assembled for use. It requires 9 feet plus room for you to workout and that may be a struggle for some homes.

    We loved the workout potential of this rowing machine and believe you will too. That’s why the Concept2 Model D rowing machine receives one of our strongest recommendations today. It will give you a great workout for a relatively fair investment.

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