Review: Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

    Everlast has been making boxing equipment for over 100 years and is an iconic name in the boxing world. They have designed and provided equipment for great names, starting with Jack Dempsey and on into the modern day with mixed martial arts fighter Randy Couture.

    Training gloves such as these are designed to be multipurpose, useful both for training with heavy bags and also for sparring. These types of gloves are usually decent at both while being exceptionally at neither. Ideally, heavy bag gloves are slightly heavier and have more padding. Sparring gloves, on the other hand, are lighter and are made of a softer material. These gloves are better bag gloves than sparring gloves. The padding in the knuckles is sufficient for protecting them when punching the bag. The padding is lighter at the back of the hands, where the gloves would be used to block an opponent’s punches. The gloves also have a vinyl exterior, which means they are not likely to last as long as more durable leather or synthetic leather options.

    Around the wrist, there is stiff padding that helps to keep the wrist straight and in good form for punching. The gloves also use Everlast’s Thumb lock system to keep the thumb in the right place for proper punching technique.

    These gloves can come in either a classic lace up style or in the more modern hook and loop style. The hook and loop style is more easily fastened without help. The lace up style usually offers a tighter and better fit.

    Some users complain that the gloves, when they initially arrive, have an unpleasant smell that is difficult to remove and can last for quite a while. This is a common complaint with vinyl products, and the smell is common to these sorts of products.

    These are a decent pair of entry-level gloves, probably better suited for use with a heavy bag than true sparring gloves. The price varies depending on the weight of the glove and the color. It is somewhere between $20 and $30, however, and this is a reasonably good deal for some basic bag gloves.

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