Review: Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table

    Review: Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table David Shaw

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    Back pain is a serious problem. It can make simple tasks agonizing and difficult when it does not make them altogether impossible. Inversion therapy provides some temporary relief from back pain. Using an inversion table, you hang upside down from your feet. This takes pressure off the muscles and vertebrae in your back that normally bear your weight. It also lengthens your spine and stretches muscles. It’s not a long-term solution, but any relief from back pain is usually welcome.

    Inversion tables can also be used for some exercises that are not usually possible just standing on your feet. While using an inversion table, even something as simple as a sit up is a very intense exercise.

    Some inversion tables are better suited for use with a workout. The Ironman Gravity 4000 is sturdy enough and strong enough so you can be confident you will be safe when using it for regular inversion therapy. It is also a suitable inversion table to exercise on. It is constructed of steel, with PVC grips and handles. The table bed is comfortable foam and comes with an adjustable lumbar support pillow. This table also inverts to a full 180 degrees, and it is rated for 350 pounds. The users ankles are secured by padded braces rather than straps, which tend to be more comfortable and also allow a greater range of motion when exercising.

    This is a big and heavy piece of equipment. While it does fold up, it is still quite bulky. Also, as it weighs 75 pounds, it may be difficult for people with back problems to move around easily.

    As a result of its large size and heavy weight, it is liable to damage and rough handling in shipping. Boxes are often delivered with holes and tears. The table is sturdy enough weather the rough treatment without major damage. However, there are certain key pieces of the inversion table that are critical to its use and that may suffer more damage in shipping. The locking mechanism that secures the ankle braces can be knocked out of alignment. As a result, the brace will not be as secure, or not secure at the right place so that your feet are not held properly in place.

    The pin that holds the table at the correct inversion angle can also be broken or weakened in shipping. This is a key piece of equipment that will prevent the user from inverting to a greater degree than planned. If it fails suddenly, it can also make getting back upright difficult. Both of these parts of the table should be inspected before use.

    The table is a solid piece of equipment that works well and is suitable for either simple inversion therapy, or as part of a workout plan.

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