Review: Palm Springs 2 in 1 Elliptical Trainer and Exercise Bike

    The Palm Springs 2 in 1 is a unique exercise machine in that it combines an elliptical cross trainer with an exercise bike. An elliptical is a great way to exercise, as it supports your whole weight through the entire exercise. This prevents the shock that is associated with a runner’s foot landing, which can be hard on joints and the back. Anyone with joint problems or back pain might find that an elliptical machine is a good choice for a cardiovascular workout.

    This 2 in 1 simply adds a bike seat to the elliptical to make an exercise bike. The user still uses the pedals and handlebars of the elliptical. It simulates a bike, but it really is more like using an elliptical with a seat.

    The machine comes with an exercise computer that will track exercise time, distance covered, speed and calories burned. It also has a variable resistance to offer variety to your workout and match your ability level.

    The assembly of this machine is some work, but by no means impossible. It is heavy, but not as heavy as some elliptical machines, and one person can move it fairly easily.

    There are a number of different complaints that people have made in regards to this exercise machine. The resistance wheel works in conjunction with a nylon strap. This strap is prone to friction, and will eventually snap with heavy use. The construction is also occasionally loose, resulting in some shaking and squeaking. The machine can also be quite loud during normal use. Tightening bolts can help with this. Problems have also been reported with the sensor that attaches to the resistance wheel and measure speed and distance. It is made of plastic and is liable to failure. Other problems include wires getting trapped in the mechanism, and the wheel’s resistance suddenly increasing.

    This is among the cheaper elliptical machines available, and as with most exercise machines, there tends to be a large drop off in quality between the more expensive, gym grade equipment, and the cheaper machines that are intended for the general consumer. This usually takes the form of plastic parts where metal would last longer, design problems that could have been otherwise avoided, and occasionally a short lifespan.

    However, taken, all in all, it is a quality machine that combines a wide range of functionality with a price range in most people’s reach. It is easier to assemble than many ellipticals, lighter and easier to move and provides all the benefits of an elliptical machine.

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