Review: TITIN Force Shirt

    Review: TITIN Force Shirt David Shaw

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    The TITIN Force Shirt provides both weight and compression, designed to be easy to use and comfortable during your workout. There are 14 pockets that can be used with the gel pack weights. These weights can be removed, and are placed specifically to target to work muscle while not putting excess strain on joints.

    The gel packs can also be either heated or cooled. They will retain their temperature for up to 45 minutes, and remain flexible whatever temperature they are at. The total weight the gels add is only 8 pounds. However, the manufacturer claims that the weight uses a technique called dynamic loading that tricks the body into thinking that 20 pounds of weight has been added.

    The shirt comes in two parts. There is an inner shirt that holds the weights, and an outer shirt that provides compression. This compression both holds the weights in place and promotes improved circulation. The outer shirt is also designed to wick sweat and moisture away from the body.

    The shirt should not require regular washing. The gel inserts, in particular, can simply be air-dried. If they do have to be washed, simply using soap and water is best. The inserts can be damaged and made unusable if washed too frequently. Both shirts can be machine washed and dried when necessary, however.

    The weight system does provide a great workout that intensifies the workout while not creating any problems or injuring the user. The weight is well distributed and the compression shirt works well to keep the weights in place, and prevent them from shifting. The shirt is tight enough to the body that it can be worn under other clothing in cold weather, or if you want to wear in you day to day life. It can also be worn without anything on top in warmer weather.

    This is an expensive piece of equipment. At over $250, it is one of the pricier weight vest products available. It comes with the inner weight shirt, the outer compression shirt, and all the gel weights. The shirt, when studied under use, was found to increase lactate intake, endurance, and strength, as well having a number of other benefits.

    The shirts run small, so when choosing your size it is often wise to select a size larger than you would normally wear. The shirt also is fastened with a zipper up the back, which can be difficult to use and also might be painful when doing certain exercises, particularly sit-ups.

    While this is an expensive product, it is worth it for the serious fitness enthusiast. It is comfortable and provides many benefits.

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