Review: WODFitters Pull Up Bands

    Review: WODFitters Pull Up Bands David Shaw

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    Resistance bands are an interesting addition to a workout routine. They have a variety of uses, and there are exercises that can be done with resistance bands that cannot be replicated in any other way.

    Resistance is the essential element in any exercise. By making your muscles and tissues work harder, you are putting them under strain, and strengthening them. Weights use the resistance of gravity. Their heaviness puts strain on muscles in one direction, the direction in which gravity pulls. For as long as people have been exercising, they have been using weights to improve their strength.

    Resistance bands are essentially big rubber bands. They stretch, and like rubber bands, they resist stretching, trying to return to their original shape. This allows resistance to be applied in several different directions, rather than simply downward. The result is that muscles can be exercised in ways that are simply not possible, or in any case extremely difficult, to achieve without using resistance bands. Using resistance bands has been shown to improve effective strength, and can improve fitness for day-to-day activities.

    Resistance bands also increase their resistance the further they are stretched, which also gives an entirely different workout than you would experience only using free weights. They are also cheaper, easier to store, and easier to transport, making them a good way to keep fit when traveling or away from home.

    The WODFitters pull up bands can be used like any other resistance band. However, they are designed to be an aid when doing pull ups. The band is wrapped around the pull-up bar, and then you step onto the free end. The resistance takes some of the weight off your arms, allowing you to do more and better pull-ups. This allows you to work up to doing unassisted pull-ups. These resistance bands can also be used for other exercises, but they will have a much higher resistance level, and be thicker, than other resistance bands.

    These bands are strong and durable, and they work well for doing pull-ups and other exercises. It is important to get the right resistance for your needs, however, and confusion over what band to get is the most common complaint. It can be somewhat difficult to judge what resistance is needed. The best idea is to get two or three bands, of different resistances. This allows you to choose which band is best for them and also gives you the opportunity to work up to a lesser resistance band. If you find that the bands are not strong enough to help you, you can use more than one at a time, combining the resistances to give you a bigger boost.

    There have been a few complaints of the bands snapping or tearing quickly. This seems to be a relatively rare occurrence and is probably not something to worry about when ordering the bands.

    WODFitterspull up bands are high-quality resistance bands that can help get you fitter and healthier.

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