Best Rowing Machine Reviews: Our Top-Quality Cardio Picks

    Best Rowing Machine

    Rowing is an incredible method of cardiovascular exercise that is often overlooked for home use. This equipment is competitively affordable and many models can fold up to minimize storage space requirements. If you want something that won’t affect your knees like treadmill running does, but still want to work up a great sweat, then a quality rowing machine could be for you.

    The Best Chart For Rowing Machines

    A rowing machine must be durable. It must be reliable. It must also fit within your budget. The chart below will let you see what models are the best on the market today.

    PictureNameOur RatingPrice
    ProRower H20 RX-7590 Home Series Rowing Machine4.2$$$$
    Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM54.9$$$$
    Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine4.1$
    WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine in Ash Wood4.7$$$$$
    LifeSpan Fitness RW10004.1$$$
    Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine4.0$$
    Stamina Air Rower Black/Chrome4.2$$
    HCI Fitness Sprint Outrigger Scull Rowing Machine3.3$$$
    Stamina 15-9003 Deluxe Conversion II4.4$$$$
    Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine3.4$$$$$+
    PictureNameOur RatingPrice

    What Is a Rowing Machine and Why Do I Need One? 

    A rowing machine looks a lot like an exercise bike that was turned sideways. The flywheel is turned on its side and you sit on a seat, which slides along a bar. Handles allow you to replicate the motion of rowing while stationary footrests provide you with stable placement options.

    Many rowing machines also offer performance indicators that will allow you to track calories burned, the distance you’ve rowed, and how long your workout has been. Some advanced models may also track your heart rate and other key physical indicators.

    In return, those using a rowing machine will be able to create more elasticity within their muscle mass. Strength begins to build up in the legs. A person’s core begins to strengthen and tone itself. Just 3 weeks of rowing every day for 30-60 minutes every day can have a profound effect on individual health.

    Why Choose To Own the Best Rowing Machine? 

    Rowing is one of the oldest exercise trends that is still practiced today. From the time the boat was invented, people have rowed to access new destinations. It had to be practiced because rowing is one of the few exercises where almost every part of the body is used during every stroke.

    That gives rowing some tremendous advantages to those who wish to lose weight, get toned, or build up their stamina.

    • Rowing can burn up to 3x the amount of calories compared to other high intensity workouts, such as a spinning class on an exercise bike.
    • Rowing allows for resistance in both directions so that there are no wasted movements during each stroke.
    • Rowing provides a strength training element with every stroke that walking, running, or cycling are unable to provide.

    By owning the best rowing machine for home use, you will be able to take advantage of these benefits for a fraction of the cost of joining a rowing club or local gym that has similar equipment. In return, you’ll be able to meet your fitness goals quickly and efficiently.

    How To Find the Best Rowing Machine 

    When you’re using a rowing machine on a daily basis for 30-60 minutes, what you are really doing is performing leg press after leg press. Because of this fact, you’ll want to own equipment that will stand up to this strength training need while still providing you with a smooth glide as you replicate stroke after stroke. That means a sliding seat that has high durability ratings is a must-have item when looking at new rowing machines.

    The rhythm of rowing is also an important component of this exercise. A rowing machine that makes a lot of noise with its flywheel can disrupt the routine and make it difficult to work up a great sweat. Look for machines that have components installed which help to reduce the amount of noise that is generated while still providing a smooth stroke on a consistent basis.

    Adaptable footrests are also something you’ll want to look for in the best rowing machine, no matter what your body shape or size happens to be. This will allow multiple people in your home to be able to use this equipment. It also keeps your machine adaptable to personal use as your needs change over time as you begin achieving your fitness goals.

    The handle should also be comfortable to use on your rowing machine. Ergonomic handles with at least a 10-15 degree bend in them will help you to be able to row in a natural position, thereby preventing injuries when first getting started with this all-encompassing exercise.

    Common Problems With Rowing Machines

    A rowing machine requires a lot of space. You’ll need to dedicate at least 10 feet of space with enough room for movement in order to use any of the best rowing machines on the market today. If you are unable to clear out this amount of space, than an investment into this exercise equipment may not be right for you.

    It is also important to check the weight requirements of your preferred equipment. Some rowing machines have a weight capacity as low as 250 pounds. This equipment can help you to lose weight rapidly when combined with better eating choices, but it may also not be built to support you at this moment in time.

    What Are the Prices of the Best Rowing Machines? 

    You will find that the best rowing machines tend to run around $1,000 when looking at their MSRP. In practical terms, that’s about the cost of a 1-2 year commitment at a local workout center. For that price, you’ll be able to workout every day at home on your time.

    Shopping online can provide some big discounts on this exercise equipment. You’ll find up to a 20% discount off the MSRP at sites like Amazon. The average rowing machine with excellent quality will typically be in the $600-$800 range. Some are below $400, but these machines are more designed for personal use in households where only one person will typically use the machine.

    What Do Our Reviews Have To Say? 

    Concept2 Model D

    This indoor rowing machine is a beast. Not only is it effective in giving you an effective low-impact workout, but also provides a smooth rowing experience that won’t create unnecessary fatigue. With the Performance Monitor 5 included, you’ll have an accurate data set for every stroke you make. The monitor arm is adjustable and the 14 inch seat height is perfect for most rowers. Storage is easy because this unit separates into two pieces. Caster wheels make it mobile as well and it supports 500 pounds with ease.

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    Kettler Favorit

    This small rowing machine is great for those who are on a budget, but still want to get a good workout. The two hydraulic cylinders create continuous resistance, and you can program specific fitness goals into the performance monitor. The seat itself is ergonomic in nature, and takes a little getting used to, but overall the experience is one that will work for most folks. Just beware the 250-pound weight limit before placing your order.

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    WaterRower Natural

    Being in sync with the environment around you is important to the rowing experience. To help you keep your rhythm in place, this unique rowing machine offers a water flywheel that does a reasonably good job of replicating a real rowing stroke. You regulate the resistance of the machine with each stroke, but even at its strongest resistance, this machine is very quiet. It’s also made from oak and ash, which reduces the vibrations that can be felt in similar machines. You won’t believe how much better your rowing can be until you’ve tried this machine.

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    LifeCORE Commercial

    This rowing machine might just be the best piece of exercise equipment you’ve ever used. With 15 programs that are pre-set and 4 heart rate control programs to monitor, this machine conforms to your needs and then consistently meets them. The warranty is 5 years long for parts when using it at home and it can support up to 600 pounds. Magnetic resistance helps to maintain a consistent stroke, giving you 16 settings to customize your workout. It’s an investment, but one we believe is worth making if you want a strong rower.

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    Stamina 15-9003

    The design of this particular rowing machine stands out above the rest. The top bar helps users be able to work their upper body as effectively as the lower body. We also like the backrest on the seat to provide more support for those who need it. There may only be 8 levels of resistance programmed into this machine and it supports only 250 pounds, but the benefit here is that you can also use this equipment as a reclining exercise bike if you prefer. That’s right – you can two exercise machines in one with this item.

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    The best rowing machine will allow you to meet your fitness goals at a price that fits within your budget. You haven’t really worked your body out until you’ve tried rowing for 2-3 weeks instead of walking, running, or cycling. Consider these options today, go through each review to make sure your needs are effectively met, and then enjoy the benefits that rowing can provide you every day.

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