The Best Waterproof Headphones

    Best Waterproof Headphones

    Does your fitness routine include swimming laps at the pool?  Your favorite music can make the day, or your workout, absolutely perfect. Waterproof headphones allow you to listen to your favorite tunes whether you’re going for a swim or running in the rain.

    The Best Chart for Waterproof Headphones 

    Let’s face it – manufacturers can claim that their products do some awesome stuff. Reality can tell a very different story. Here are the best waterproof headphones that we’ve found to date so you can make sure your purchase has real value instead of empty promises.

    PictureNameOur RatingPriceWaterproof RatingFor Swimming
    Swimbuds Sport Headphones4.5$$$3ft UnderwaterYes
    Play X Store Waterproof Sport Headphones4.1$$Don't submergeNo
    Waterproof Portable Wireless Mini Sports Headphones4.4$$Don't submergeNo
    WaterFi Waterproof Apple iPod Shuffle and Headphones4.1$$$$$+10ft UnderwaterYes
    Pyle PSWP6BK Flextreme Waterproof MP3 Player Headphones3.5$$3ft UnderwaterYes
    Waterproof In-Ear Stereo Headphones3.7$Don't submergeYes*
    Waterproof IP66 Outdoor Sports Headset4.0$$Don't submergeNo
    Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Sports Earhook4.4$$Don't submergeNo
    Jabees Bsport Bluetooth Stereo Headphones3.7$$Don't submergeNo
    Sony Walkman MP3 Player w/ Swimming Earbuds3.6$$$$6ft UnderwaterYes
    PictureNameOur RatingPriceWaterproof RatingFor Swimming

    Why You Need the Best Waterproof Headphones 

    You like music. We like music. We all like music. Music makes your day better and your workouts more enjoyable. But what happens when your day or workout involves water? Swimming for fitness or just encountering a bit of rain while jogging can silence our entire day. No pump-up music for a workout, no chill out music for the morning recovery session in the water.

    That’s why you need the best waterproof headphones on your head. You can splash them when going for a shallow water recovery session, go for a swim without taking them off, or even hop into the shower while listening to your jam and it’s all good. You aren’t going to ruin this type of headphone because many of them are waterproof.

    These headphones are more than just a tool that swimmers use. They’re also for your everyday fellow who loves to go jogging. If it’s pouring down outside and you’ve got to get your workout in, a steady rain is going to ruin your average headphones. The best waterproof headphones, however, just laugh at the rain that falls on them.

    You get your tunes. You get to use them wherever you happen to be. Life gets to continue happening, as it should. That’s what waterproof headphones can bring to you.

    The Benefits of Using the Best Waterproof Headphones 

    Maybe you’re not old enough to remember when radios came in a set of headphones. It seemed like a miracle. You could listen to music, baseball games, or whatever without any cords dangling around neck that collected your sweat. You could get your chores done, go for a jog, or have a relaxing afternoon in the pool and be cable free.

    Today’s waterproof headphones give you the same experience thanks to Bluetooth technology. Instead of dealing with the scratchy radio and stations which play the same songs every hour, you can pair the best waterproof headphones to your smartphone, MP3 player, or other portable device to always have your favorite music ready to go wherever you might go. No more tangled wired. No more mess.

    It’s pretty awesome. You’ll also get to take advantage of these additional benefits.

    • They can be paired with any compatible device. You don’t need brand-specific items any more. The best waterproof headphones will work with whatever you use to play music right now – and next year when you replace your smartphone.
    • Some have microphones equipped to them. Why you would want to take phone calls while you’re swimming is something we’ll never understand. If you have that need, however, you’ll find several options have a microphone equipped to them so you can do just that.
    • You can be several feet away and still get a clear signal. Many of the waterproof headphones you’ll find here will work up to 30 feet away from your device. Leave your phone on the side of the pool in the middle of the lane, and you’ll be able to enjoy uninterrupted music for your entire workout. 

    How To Find the Best Waterproof Headphones 

    Are you ready to find your next waterproof headphones? Then the first step is to find real reviews that can help you find the right set that will meet your needs. There are fake reviews everywhere these days.  Make sure you look for specific key points in each review – especially whether or not the headphones are “water resistant” instead of “waterproof.” 

    If they are water resistant headphones, that just means that can take a splash or two of water and be fine. Take them out into the rain or drop them in the pool and they’ll stop working faster than a toddler who is told that it is time for them to clean their room. 

    You’ll also want to look for a comfortable product design that works with the design of your body. This means looking at over-the-ear headphones vs on-the-ear headphones vs in-the-ear headphones. For swimming, in-the-ear headphones are your best bet, for other activities, the other designs can be more comfortable. 

    What Are the Prices of Waterproof Headphones? 

    You’ll find that most waterproof headphones are surprisingly affordable. Earbuds that are designed for swimmers can be found for as little as $15 sometimes on a website like Amazon. If you want a stereo music experience from a name-brand set of waterproof headphones, then some models can be as much as $299. In return, you’ll get a waterproof product up to a depth of 3 feet, sound canceling technology, and a crazy amount of comfort.

    Most folks will be able to find a set of headphones that will meet their needs of around $50. This includes wrap-around ear buds, on-the-ear headphones, and a few over-the-ear models as well.

    What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

    Play Store X

    These waterproof on-ear headphones are going to change your life if you love jogging. They’re wireless and fit behind the head and strap securely in so you can go jogging in the rain without an issue. The ear buds feel a little heavy in the ears at first, but it’s a feeling one gets used to experiencing after a few wears. They seem to work forever, are very durable, and are protected with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. However, they aren’t recommended for swimming, the warranty does not seem to cover them being submerged.

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    This is your all-in-one package for when you need waterproof headphones and an MP3 player that go in the water as well. This Apple iPod shuffle kit will let you swim laps, run miles, or your preferred workout without worrying about the moisture affecting the unit. Multiple sizes of earbuds are available to make sure you get a good fit in the ears. They also connect snugly to your goggles for a fit that makes it feel like you’re not wearing them at all. To have waterproof music, this is a solid investment.

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    Pyle Flextreme Waterproof MP3 Player Headphones

    This waterproof neckband connects with most computers and offers support for WMA music formats as well. It can be submersed in up to 1 meter of water and will store your actual music files on the device thanks to its USB 2.0 connection. This means your MP3 player can actually go into the water with you as you’re working out. We also like that they work with most swimming goggles. You’ll get a second pair of ear buds so one can be wet, the other can be dry, and you can be happy.

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    For a budget-friendly set of waterproof headphones, you’re not going to find a better pair than these for the price that they are. You’ll receive multiple sets of in-ear cups and they each create a good seal for your ears based on the actual size you need. They’re pretty stable while you’re active as well, with a certain ruggedness that the other brands don’t offer. The cups are pretty flexible as well, which makes these particular waterproof ear buds remarkably comfortable.

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    The best waterproof headphones will help you be able to go swimming, go running, or stick your head underwater for any other reason and still have music playing in your ears. Stop holding your breath for a decent set of waterproof headphones. Pick one of our Fitness Select Favorites and enjoy your workout.

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